About Us


Early morning mist on the waters of San Juan County, WA

The waters in and around the Pacific Northwest of the US are some of the most beautiful, verdant, and inspiring in the country. They are home to hundreds of species of wildlife that are on display to anyone that takes to these waters. These waters can also be challenging to boaters with their strong currents and wild weather. Parts of this wilderness are still wild thanks to it being remote and sparsely populated. The greatest beauty is often furthest from the well travelled routes and remains the domain of the best prepared.

After decades of sailing, kayaking, and traversing this part of the country the owner of The Chandlery at Winslow Wharf, Bob Schoonmaker, has acquired the skills and knowledge only gained through experience. Bob holds a USCG Master to 100 ton license and is involved in teaching and coaching new boaters. Bob and his staff have been providing personal, professional advice out of The Chandlery since 2001. This is the kind of advice and consultation you can only get from people that have real world experience. Recommendations on products to maintain and improve your boat are based on what works here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Chandlery at Winslow Wharf is located right on the water in Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, WA. The store is in the heart of Winslow, a 35 minute ferry ride to the West of Seattle. The Chandlery serves the boating community on Bainbridge Island as well as that of the Kitsap Peninsula. Stocked with commonly needed boat supplies from bolts to paint to line the store also has something to offer island visitors including books and beverages.

We hope you will let us help you with your next boating project, large or small, and please stop in and say hello if you are visiting by boat.